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Party Pack

10-15 Guests


$10/extra toppings

How it works:

  1. Pick up to 4 flavors (all available flavors show on Flavors Tab)

  2. Pick up to 4 toppings

  3. Schedule a pick up time!

What we provide:

  1. 4 Quarts of your favorite Lina's flavors

  2. 20 Cups, 20 Spoons & Napkins

  3. Toppings in separate containers for self-serve

(Multiple party packs can be ordered for larger parties)

Catering Bar

+100 Guests

Prices Vary

Bring our shop to your event! Perfect for large parties, weddings, or corporate events.

How it works?

  1. Pick of your favorite flavors! (all available flavors show on Flavors Tab)

  2. Select 8 Toppings!

What we provide?

  1. a Lina's Team Member will show up before your event and create a full-service Froyo Bar for your guests.  

  2. 1 hour of 'self-serve' style catering bar with our team member at full service to guests.  

  3. Once serving is over, we'll clean up and take everything down.

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